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Second issue of "The Cavern Post” In Russian!

afbeelding van Niysiechka

After a long work second issue of "The Cavern Post” is available in Russian!

In this issue we will tell you a bit about the four main shards URU, the proposed community, and give step by step instructions to help you find and install them. Also, Jonathan Meyer will present their views on the membership of the Guild of Greeters, and Allatwan will interview Heather Larkin about her Myst-related artwork and other great works. Heather's comic "Myst - The book of Atrus" can be found on DeviantArt (original) and A-comics (in Russian translation).

Nev'yn recaps what happened in the cavern in January, and Larry LeDeay writes about his photography work featuring the wildlife in the Ages of URU (also with many samples!), with some helpful tips from Ainia on how to set up and take beautiful pictures of the animals yourself.

Look at the funny comics from Rhee and break his head over crossword NoorMax, in general you will get a jam-packed issue that should not be missed! Download now!


Download the Issue!

Translation Note: This content has not been translated to Nederlands but you may find the original Russisch version easier to read.